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Sarah C.. Barstow, California

For anyone considering Guadalajara for plastic surgery, I can tell you it was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and you should definitely consider going if you are ready for plastic surgery. The cost is extremely low and the city is spectacular to visit. In my case, I cannot say enough about Dr. Chung and his staff. I chose him because of his reputation and credentials, and the fact that he is an expert in breast implant surgery. When I arrived I was put completely at ease and made to feel comfortable in every respect. All of my questions were answered during my pre-surgery consultation and when it came time for the surgery the nurses and anesthesiologist put me completely at ease with their professional and precision-like manner. The results were perfect. I feel so good about the "new me". I highly recommend Dr. Chung to anyone interested in improving their looks. I live on the west coast, and it was only a very short hop to Guadalajara. I saved more than half the price of breast implants compared to having the surgery done here. Super!

Richard L, Luray, VA

I wrote to Dr. Chung on a recommendation from a friend who had been to Guadalajara and had a facelift with the doctor. I knew from the detailed reply I received that he was the right doctor for me. I was completely right. Dr. Chung explained everything to me during my pre-surgery consultation and answered all my questions. My eyelid surgery was more than perfect. I look 15 years younger. I also want to mention that the amenities and post-op medical care that I received at the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn was exceptional I live in a small town, and the closest plastic surgeon wanted 3 times the amount Dr. Chung charged. Not only did I save a lot of money, but I had a great vacation trip at the same time.

Molly S, Ft. Worth, Texas

Dear Dr. Chung this is to say thanks so much for all you did, and to tell you that I had a wonderful experience during my "Guadalajara adventure". As you remember, I had practically a full body liposuction and now, 5 weeks later, my new body is just amazing. The swelling and bruising has disappeared and the new "slimmer" me, has appeared! The whole experience was wonderful. I appreciate the time you took with me and to answer my questions, and I was made to feel special and important by everyone. In the Fort Worth area, I do not believe that I would ever be treated in such as special and "unrushed" as I was there. I saved half of what I would have paid here for the same surgery, and I couldn't be more happier.

Roger M., San Francisco, CA

To those wanting plastic surgery at a great price, go to Guadalajara! And, for the very best surgeon, you will want Dr. Chung. I'm writing this for anyone thinking about having plastic surgery. Guadalajara is a quick trip down the coast for me, and my experience from arrival to the time I left was super great! Everyone in Dr. Chung's office was friendly and attentive, and Dr. Chung does perfect work! I had a complete facelift and Dr. Chung knew exactly the type of facelift I should have. I didn't know there were so many different surgical approaches for a facelift, but he chose exactly the right one for my features. Following the surgery, the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn was simply beautiful and the nurses and staff took great care of me during my recovery. I am more than satisfied and completely happy with my new youthful look.